Frequently Asked Questions

Will natural stone stain?

It can. All natural stones have a minute level of porosity and although sealers usually prevent most stains, it may not prevent all staining or etching. Sealers provide protection for a reasonable amount of time to get spills and substances wiped up before it could cause staining or etching.

How often will I have to reseal my granite?

All of our stone surfaces are polished and a top-quality 10 year sealer is applied upon installation. With good, safe cleaning practices (avoid acidic cleaners as well as those containing bleach or ammonia) your finish should last for years. Some lighter colors may need to be resealed sooner than 10 years, but it’s a fast & easy process that you can do in 15 minutes.

Using a granite cleaner with enhancer (we suggest the Artisan Daily Cleaner) will not only preserve your finish, but increase the luster of your stone and give additional protection to the sealer.

Will the seams be noticeable?

Joints (seams) where two pieces of stone meet are inevitible in most countertops larger than a vanity. However, our use of cutting edge technology and equipment allow us to reduce seams to a size that is barely noticeable.

Some seams may be more noticeable due to matching of the natural grain and pattern.

What determines the price of stone?

Typically the price of natural stone is determined by availability; the more rare or less available a stone is, the higher the price. Quarrying, processing, importing and shipping costs can also impact pricing. These factors result in a wide range of prices for granite while the pricing for man-made products such as Quartz and solid surface are more consistent with less range.

What grade of stone do you sell?

Just as there are different grades of diamonds, there are different grades of stone. There are color, structural and quality differences that determine how the stone is graded at the quarry. “First Choice” is typically the highest grade. We only use the highest grade available.

Are there different surface finishes to choose from?

Yes there are –

  • Polished is the most common and gives a clean, high luster gloss that enhances the dramatic colors and patterns of stone.
  • Honed finish is growing in popularity. This finish is smooth, but less glossy with a more natural, casual feel. Honed surfaces are more likely to show stains but wiping up spills immediately should prevent most.
  • Leathered is a process of sweeping a honed surface with a diamond tipped brush to create a uniquely textured surface that has more sheen but is less porous than honed.

Do you sell cabinets, sinks or accessories?

Yes. We are much more than just countertops!

We are pleased to offer our customers fully customized cabinets designed in house and fabricated in our own cabinet shop. Why settle for a generic sprayed on builder type finish when you can have a unique custom finish that reflects your personal taste and style.

We offer full custom cabinet services from a simple vanity, to closets, office furniture or full kitchen cabinets. We feature soft closure drawers and doors and a wide range of special options that will maximize your space.

Considering a full remodel? Don’t go from place to place trying to contract individual services when we can provide full turn-key remodel services for a dream kitchen or bathroom.

We carry a wide selection of faucets and sinks in a variety of brands that will fit any budget. Two of our best selling sinks are our granite composite Blanco Siligranit sinks and the Kohler Langlade. The Siligranit sinks are stain and scratch resistant and they look great!

What Surface is Right for Me?

No one surface is perfect for everyone, so choosing the right one is important. There are plenty of urban legends out there, so we’ll happily help you decide what’s best for you.

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